Harrisburg, November 12, 2014 – State Senate Democrats today unanimously elected state Senator Wayne D. Fontana (D-Brookline) to serve as Democratic Caucus chairman for the coming two-year legislative session.

The caucus chairman sets the daily caucus agenda and leads the discussion on bills that are under consideration on the Senate floor.

“I thank my colleagues for electing me to serve as chairman of the Senate Democratic Caucus,” Fontana said. “I am humbled and honored by their confidence in me; and plan on using this leadership position do more on the pressing issues facing all Pennsylvanians.

“My top priorities have and will continue to be promoting job creation, developing critical infrastructure, ensuring a quality education for our children, and being a staunch advocate for Allegheny County and its interests,” Fontana said. “Serving as caucus chairman provides an excellent opportunity to better represent the families, small businesses, veterans and seniors of my district and I look forward to my leadership role in the upcoming session.”

Fontana was first elected to the Senate in 2005 and has served as Democratic Caucus Administrator since 2011. He replaces retiring Sen. Richard Kasunic (D-Fayette), who held the caucus chairman position since 2011.

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