State Senator Wayne D. Fontana today was named to the 15-member state Senate Committee on Energy Policies for the Special Session on Energy.“This special session will help determine how the state can move closer to energy independence and be better positioned to attract new economic development projects in rapidly growing industries because of a stronger commitment to clean and renewable energy,” Fontana said.“While not part of the Special Session, I will also explore whether an extension of the electricity rate caps is an appropriate step.”

The Brookline lawmaker said he will also reach out to area citizens for their input and ideas on the special session. He said public participation in the solution is a necessity.

Senate Democratic Leader Robert J. Mellow, who appointed Fontana to the committee, said Fontana would provide “a strong and unwavering voice for southwestern Pennsylvania as the Senate deliberates and forges a progressive energy plan for the future.”

“I am honored to serve on this important committee and will see to it that southwestern Pennsylvania has a strong voice in any issue debated before the committee.”

The committee will review, discuss and debate all legislative proposals for the Special Session on Energy and make decisions on what bills reach the full Senate for a vote.

Fontana said “energy efficiency and energy independence is an important discussion, but one that we should be having at all levels of government.” He said the special session, which began two weeks ago, should have a far reaching impact on developing promising new alternative energy technologies, cutting consumer costs, reducing America’s reliance on foreign fuels and improving Pennsylvania’s environment.


y focus during this special session will be on finding options that will benefit the man or woman ‘on the street,’” Fontana said. “That includes supporting efforts to make weatherization of homes more affordable, and providing tax holidays for the purchase of more energy efficient appliances.

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