BROOKLINE, January 6, 2012 – State Senator Wayne D. Fontana today reminded constituents in the current 22nd House District that he is available to assist with state business as the current district is moved to Lehigh County.

The majority of the current 22nd House District overlaps with Fontana’s Senatorial District, the 42nd District.

“I want constituents to know that they are being represented and I and my staff are always available to assist them,” Fontana said.  “Since my election in 2005 we have always made sure that constituents who come to us have their problem solved and if we can’t solve the problem directly, we at least provide direction to get them a solution.”

Constituents in the current 22nd House District can visit or call any one of Fontana’s three offices to receive full-service on a variety of state matters including:  free notary services; PennDOT issues; unclaimed property forms; tax forms; senior bus passes; and more.  Constituents are also able to discuss legislative issues and express opinions on matters before the General Assembly by contacting one of the offices or by emailing Fontana directly at

Brookline District Office
932 Brookline Boulevard
Pittsburgh, PA  15226-2106
412-344-2551 – phone

Beechview Satellite Office
1660 Broadway Avenue
Pittsburgh, PA  15216-3247
412-343-2080 – phone

Kennedy Township Office
Kenmawr Plaza
524 Pine Hollow Road
Kennedy Twp., PA  15136-1661
412-331-1208 – phone

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