Harrisburg – February 3, 2010 – State Senator Wayne D. Fontana today joined fellow Democrats in calling for budget initiatives that would streamline state spending and make job creation and economic development legislative priorities.

“It is very important that we pass a responsible budget, with no broad-based tax hikes, on time this year,” Fontana said. “We need to help our middle class by using available federal and state resources to focus on creating and keeping good jobs that will get people back to work.”

Fontana also continued to call for lawmakers to take a close look at government programs to find ways to save and invest state tax dollars more wisely.

The Brookline Democrat and his colleagues called for the following:

  • retool a few underperforming Commonwealth Financing Authority (CFA) programs and refocus its job creation efforts;
  • close the “Delaware Loophole” and use those funds to reduce the state’s Corporate Net Income Tax from 9.99 percent to a more competitive 7.9 percent;
  • pass a job development bill that leverages federal monies to help people find work;
  • without weakening tough penalties against violent criminals, establish smarter prison policies and promote cost-effective alternatives for non-violent offenders;
  • renew the health care agreement with the Blues to help fund the state’s adult health care insurance program (adultBasic);
  • continue the state’s long-term school funding commitment to schools and early childhood programs; and
  • invest state and federal dollars in Pittsburgh’s budding alternative and green energy industries.
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