BROOKLINE, December 19, 2011 – Stating that the Internet is a good and easy-access means to provide a wide range of information to citizens, state Sen. Wayne D. Fontana today unveiled his new Internet website.

“I am pleased that this new-look website is easier to navigate, offers larger print and will now provide a direct link to a live video feed of Senate sessions,” Fontana said. “I hope my constituents will continue to use this website as a resource on state information and programs.”

The website can be accessed at:

The site’s current feature article details information on the senator’s legislation (Senate Bill 549) that would toughen child abuse reporting requirements by school employees. The front page also has links to upcoming area events and Fontana news releases.

The Brookline lawmaker said the site offers dropdown menus on a wide range of topics that will enable the user to look up pending bills at the Capitol, biographical information, contact information and links to hundreds of local and state websites.

“Along with meetings, local events and office visits, this is just another means of helping me stay in close touch with my Senate constituents,” Fontana said. “The better I can be in touch with local citizens, the better I can represent them as a senator.”

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