BROOKLINE, Dec. 10, 2010 – State Sen. Wayne D. Fontana today said people whose unemployment compensation benefits expired before the 99 week limit should continue filing claims.

“While Congress debates extending unemployment benefits for those looking for work, folks should continue filing. This will allow payments to be sped up in the event that Congress does approve this necessary extension.”

Fontana said officials from the state Department of Labor & Industry have advised him that they mailed notices to nearly 100,000 unemployed Pennsylvanians whose benefits ended, or soon will end, with instructions on how to continue filing.
“Thousands of people across the state are relying on these benefits to provide for themselves and their families,” Fontana said. “If Congress doesn’t act soon, it is estimated that about 140,000 Pennsylvanians will lose their benefits this month, and another 72,000 in January.”

“Unemployment compensation provides at least some relief to those who truly need it due to the economic downturn. Not to mention, delaying or neglecting benefits could further strain our economy.”

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