HARRISBURG, May 8, 2007 – Calling it a step toward making
state government more efficient and accountable, state Senator
Wayne D. Fontana (D-Allegheny) today voted for several
legislative reform bills that were reported out of the State
Government Committee.

“These measures are aimed at making the General Assembly
more efficient and responsive to the public,” Fontana said.
Fontana, who serves on the Senate State Government
Committee, said the bills would change the state’s Constitution

  • reduce the size of the General Assembly (Senate Bill 248);
  • create a more-neutral Legislative Reapportionment Commission
  • to draw up legislative district boundaries for both state
    and federal legislative districts (Senate Bill 69);
  • eliminate so-called “lame duck” legislative sessions (Senate
    Bill 468); and
  • establish a clear succession process for the office of
    Lieutenant Governor (Senate Bill 822).

Fontana is pleased with the reform attitude in the General
Assembly, “The discussion and movement on these bills provide the opportunity for hearings, debate and discussion. I look forward to the opportunity to discuss what changes can be made to improve government’s efficiency and hope that my colleagues keep an open mind about the proposals as we move through this process.”

Fontana said he hopes to see the bills considered by the full
Senate later this year.