Legislation Introduced 2017-2018

Legislation Introduced by Senator Fontana | 2017-2018 Legislative Session

Full Day Kindergarten (Senate Bill 295)

Amends the Public School Code to require all school districts in PA provide full-day kindergarten.

Referred to Education February 6, 2017

Co-sponsors: Leach, Brewster, Costa, Farnese, Schwank, Rafferty, and Hughes

Early Voting (Senate Bill 440)

Amends the Election Code to require early voting in primary and general elections starting 15 days prior to Election Day.

Referred to State Government February 27, 2017

Co-sponsors: Leach, Blake, Sabatina, Brewster, Costa, Farnese, Yudichak, Schwank, Haywood, Hughes, Boscola, Browne, and Williams

Water Testing Results by DEP (Senate Bill 335)

This legislation would require the DEP to provide water testing results to homeowners for all parameters that they have accurately measured using their normal procedures. It would also require the DEP to post these results online when drilling in the Marcellus Shale.

Referred to Environmental Resources and Energy February 15, 2017

Co-sponsors: Blake, Brewster, Sabatina, Costa, Farnese, Yudichak, Schwank, Rafferty, Haywood, Hughes, Boscola, and Williams

Private Sewer Lateral Line Repair (Senate Bill 334)

This legislation would allow municipalities and municipal authorities to make public funds available to replace broken sewer lateral lines when the leaks present a danger to the public water supply.

Referred to Environmental Resources and Energy February 15, 2017

Co-sponsors: Brewster, Costa, Tartaglione, Yudichak, Haywood, Hughes, Boscola, Williams, and Leach

Reporting of Daily Nursing Ratios (Senate Bill 336)

This legislation would require hospitals to compile and maintain daily reports in each unit stating, in part:

  • Staffing levels
  • The ratio of patients to licensed and unlicensed patient care personnel
  • Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, and Certified Nursing Assistant turnover rates

These reports would have to be displayed publically in all patient care areas.

Referred to Health and Human Services February 15, 2017

Co-sponsors: Leach, Sabatina, Costa, Blake, Langerholc, Haywood, Brewster, Hughes, and Browne

Water Tested for Lead for Agreement of Sale of Real Property (Senate Bill 296)

Twenty-five years ago, Congress passed the Residential Lead-Based Paint Hazard Reduction Act of 1992 which requires sellers to disclose the presence of lead in paint, dust, or soil before the sale or lease of property built before 1978. This is not currently part of the law in PA, so this bill would simply add this provision to the PA state statute.

Referred to Urban Affairs and Housing February 6, 2017Co-sponsors: Brewster, Tartaglione, Haywood, Schwank, Costa, Hughes, Farnese, Browne, and Leach

Amendment to the Pittsburgh Parking Authority’s Enabling Act to Support Private Development (Senate Bill 252) with Vulakovich

Amends the Pittsburgh Parking Authority’s enabling act to allow the city to engage in transactions that would benefit private developers, in certain circumstances.

Referred to Local Government January 27, 2017

Co-Sponsors: Costa, Brewster, Bartolotta, Reschenthaler, Stefano, Vogel, and Ward

Requiring Public Hearings on Prison Closures (Senate Bill 220)

This legislation would prohibit the Department of Corrections from closing a state correctional facility before holding at least one public hearing in the municipality in which the facility is located. It would also require at least 30 days’ notice prior to the public hearing.

Referred to Judiciary January 27, 2017

Co-sponsors: Blake, Baker, Langerholc, Yudichak, Gordner, Brooks, Costa, Argall, Schwank, Rafferty, Boscola, Browne, and Stefano

Highly Automated Vehicles Testing (Senate Bill 427) with Vulakovich, Costa, Rafferty, and Sabatina

Legislation that would allow for the testing of Highly Automated Vehicles on the PA transportation system.

Referred to Transportation February 24, 2017

Co-sponsors: Blake, Brewster, Browne, Leach, and Tartaglione

Liquor Code Special Occasion Permit (Senate Bill 570)

This bill amends the Liquor Code to provide for a special occasion permit for the Pittsburgh Downtown Partnership.

Referred to Law and Justice April 5, 2017

Committee Consideration of Legislation (Senate Resolution 19)

This resolution would amend Senate Rule 14 to allow the prime sponsor of a bill or resolution to request a public hearing from the chair of a standing committee to which that bill or resolution has been referred. The hearing would be held within 10 legislative days of the request.

Referred to Rules and Executive Nominations February 6, 2017

Co-sponsors: Sabatina, Brewster, Tartaglione, Costa, Blake, and Williams