HARRISBURG—October 7, 2008 — At Capitol press conference today, State Sens. Wayne D. Fontana (D-Allegheny) and Vincent Hughes (D-Philadelphia), and Reps. W. Curtis Thomas (D-Philadelphia) and William Kortz (D-Allegheny) declared “ONE Campaign Day” in Pennsylvania, which recognizes the fight against global poverty and disease.

“Poverty and disease are issues that impact every one of us – particularly in this economy,” Fontana said. “We are even more aware of how not having ENOUGH impacts our families and our communities. I was pleased to recognize the ONE Campaign through this event and a Senate Resolution that will be offered on the floor later today. It is even more important that I have been joined in this effort by my colleagues – both Republican and Democrat – in the Senate and House.”

“I have been a long time advocate for easing the troubles of the most vulnerable Pennsylvanians – the poor,” Hughes said. “But I also recognize that there are millions of individuals throughout the world suffering from hunger, disease and poverty, especially in Africa. This is why I have joined with the ONE Campaign in promoting awareness of and advocating for those millions of individuals without a voice, who are suffering from hunger, poverty and disease.”

Rep. Thomas added, “It is crucial that we join together in this campaign to eliminate global hunger, poverty and disease, and to support those families around the world who are struggling. Thousands of children die every day because their basic needs go unmet, many right in our own communities. This campaign is 2.4 million people strong and growing; everyone can play a role and put pressure on international leaders to increase their efforts in providing basic needs to the world‘s poorest countries. I am honored to be an ambassador for such an important cause.”

“Recognizing the ‘One’ campaign in Pennsylvania will bring increased awareness in the Commonwealth about the fight against global poverty, hunger and disease,” Kortz said. “You don‘t need to be a celebrity to make a difference; any Pennsylvanian can join the campaign to transform the future of the world.”

Both the Senate and the House also honored the advocacy efforts of the ONE campaign with Resolutions recognizing October 16 as “ONE Campaign” Day in Pennsylvania.

The ONE Campaign is uniting millions of people around efforts that combat global disease such as AIDS and malaria, increase access to clean water and fight hunger. ONE advocates for policies that build on demonstrated successes while holding world leaders accountable for working together to address global poverty and disease.

The legislators were joined by former US Senator Harris Wofford, who is also a ONE Vote 08 PA Co-Chair, who presented a Proclamation to ONE on behalf of Lt. Gov. Catherine Baker Knoll recognizing its commitment to raising awareness of global poverty and disease.

“The campaign to end suffering from poverty, starvation and disease in the world–and to make history the scourges that result from them — is not a partisan campaign. It is a noble and necessary effort to secure dignity and opportunity, human and civil rights for all people in the world,” Wofford said. “This resolution draws on the values of justice, compassion and service shared by all Pennsylvanians, as well as the great American tradition of helping others help themselves.”

In a statement, Knoll said, “I am particularly proud to be an ambassador to the ONE campaign. I believe that human progress in overcoming poverty, hunger and disease will not come from some grand stroke of genius, but from hundreds-of-thousands of minute-by-minute, issue-by-issue acts of generosity and Pennsylvanians will be part of that success today.”

According to Brian Sweeney, PA Field Organizer for ONE, Pennsylvania has been a hub of activity for the ONE Campaign this year to showcase the opportunity the next president and Congress have to make a positive impact in the fight against global disease and extreme poverty.

“Fighting extreme poverty and global disease around the world starts at home. We can eradicate malaria, save lives from AIDS and transform the way the rest of the world views America,” said Sweeney. “Pennsylvania is leading the way.”

“On Wednesday, Harrisburg Mayor and ONE Ambassador Stephen Reed declared Harrisburg a ONE City. And today, the Pennsylvania House and Senate formalized their commitment to finding solutions to these problems. I want to thank everyone involved for their leadership and courage. Together, we can save lives and make our world a safer and healthier place.”

ONE‘s grassroots effort puts in motion thousands of voters and ONE Campaign members, including almost 85,000 in Pennsylvania, to engage directly with the candidates on the campaign trail. ONE members attend town hall meetings, speeches, rallies, and diner stops to educate other voters and ask the candidates about their proposals to help save lives from AIDS and malaria, increase access to clean water and stop hunger.

Governor Rendell has also declared Pennsylvania a “ONE” state.