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Sen. Fontana Spearheads Jobs Initiative

Earlier today, I joined with my fellow Senate Democrats in unveiling a six-point proposal that is aimed at helping businesses create jobs, rebuilding the state’s aging infrastructure and energizing Pennsylvania’s economy. Our plan will spur the creation of over 28,000 jobs, leverage over $2 billion in new private investment, and will result in more than $150 million in general fund savings.

The program, PA WORKS, focuses on six core areas: Small Business, Workforce Training, Critical State Investments, Clean & Green Energy, Infrastructure Investment and Tax Fairness. As Democratic Chairman of the Senate Committee on Community, Economic and Recreational Development, I was part of the working group that developed these issues and coordinated the legislative proposals.

We focused on these areas for simple reasons – each one of these components results in job creation which is the number one issue in our Commonwealth right now. As elected officials, we should look at every issue through a “job creation lens” and determine whether proposals grow Pennsylvania’s economy. We must also be mindful of our state’s current budget challenges as well, which is why much of our focus was on identifying what works and finding the resources to continue those investments, while eliminating or re-focusing what doesn’t work.

Small businesses are an important part of this plan. They are the lifeblood of our economy. We are friends of small business and want to encourage their development because we know that a thriving small business sector is essential to Pennsylvania’s economic recovery. Our plan focuses on removing unnecessary impediments, competitive disadvantages and red tape, and providing additional resources to allow these companies to help themselves -- and our state’s economy.

Job creation and economic development must be at the forefront of our legislative agenda this year. A strong economy is the best medicine for our Commonwealth and I pledge to work with my colleagues, in both chambers and on both sides of the aisle, to move the Commonwealth forward.

As always, I look forward to communication with you on this and other issues that are of interest and importance to you.

Offices of State Senator Wayne D. Fontana