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Pittsburgh’s going to the Super Bowl!!!

Earlier this week, when we had decided to do a special edition of News & Views in advance of Sunday’s Super Bowl, one of my staff e-mailed me and suggested that I share my Steelers’ memories, old and new, or let the staff do so, as many of our recent conversations include the subject of the Steelers and their road to the Super Bowl.

Immaculate ReceptionI thought the staff should be asked, but was certain that the Immaculate Reception would be everyone’s memory. The response was not what I expected: “I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I was only 5 months old when the Immaculate Reception happened and so I have no actual ‘memory’ of that play. Which means the same will be true for four other people in our office!”

In return, I promised that I’d send the entire staff You Tube videos of some of my favorite Steelers’, many of whom are in the Hall of Fame, but also assured them that it’s all about the Dynasty, built on teamwork from the 70’s to the present Super Bowl Steelers’ team.

That’s the beauty of Steelers nation. We each have memories of our favorite games, we remember moments from this season that have worked us into a frenzy, and we each want to see the team that epitomizes our region excel on their way to Seventh Heaven. And win or lose (although we already know what the outcome will be!), they will remain our beloved Pittsburgh Steelers and we will look forward to enjoyment and excitement that they are going to bring to our city for years to come.

Here We Go, Steelers!


Stairway to 7I did end up asking the staff to share their memories, moments and wishes. Enjoy!


“Go Steelers and win number Seven!”
~ Tony

“Best moment for me: The January 23rd game against the Jets with less than a minute left, we needed 6 yards to pick up a 1st down to ice the game. Roethlisberger had to move out of the pocket and scramble to the outside to find an open receiver and hit Sanders with a 14-yard pass at the sideline to send the ‘Stillers’ to the Super Bowl for the eighth time. I was at the game and went just as nuts as all the fans.”
~ Paul

“My greatest Steeler memory was at State College in the fall of 2004. This was the rookie year for Ben Roethlisberger where he went 13-0 as a starter in the regular season before falling to the Patriots in the AFC Title Game. The Philadelphia Eagles fans at State College easily outnumbered the Steeler fans 3 to 1. For weeks leading up to the game, the Eagles fans proclaimed that their undefeated season would roll right through Pittsburgh. Us Steeler fans took it with a grin and waited for the game on week 9 of the NFL Season. As fate would have it, the overrated Eagles were humiliated at Heinz Field in a 27-3 blowout. I remember my friend Gabe Hart from Overbrook and I walking through the courtyard at East Halls after the game and finding a girl wearing a Terrell Owens Jersey being taunted by a large man wearing a Levon Kirkland Jersey. He was shouting, ‘Where are the rest of you big mouth Eagles fans now?’ Rather than aid the Eagles Fan, we decided to join him and make the walk through the court yard for the remaining Eagles Fans a long one.”~ Ron

“The Steelers-Jets game caused me to jump up on my couch for the first time this year. Literally! My son and daughter’s immediate response, after they were done cheering – of course, was that they’re not even allowed to do that! It was an absolute nail biter, but I enjoyed each and every minute!” ~ Kate

Amazing Steelers“Although I now live in Harrisburg, my heart will always belong to our Pittsburgh teams. When the Steelers won Super Bowl XL, the Senate offered a congratulatory resolution for the team and we were told that Charlie Batch was going to travel to Harrisburg to accept it on behalf of the Steelers. Since he was Pittsburgh born and bred, it made it even more exciting. When he got to Harrisburg, he was wonderful to everyone, but much quieter and more reserved than I thought he’d be, until we got to the Senate floor. There, Charlie Batch became as excited as we get at Steelers games. It was such a reminder that the players are ordinary people – just like us, and that what is ordinary to each us of us, is extraordinary to someone else.” ~ Amie

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