Allegheny County July 19, 2023 – Today, State Senator Wayne Fontana announced nearly $15 million in PENNVEST grants and loans to the Pittsburgh Water and Sewer Authority (PWSA) for its continued infrastructure improvements.

“This money will go towards the replacement of approximately 1,200 lead service lines in Allegheny County,” said Senator Fontana. “Replacing our area’s aging water infrastructure continues to be a priority of mine. With the financial support of the commonwealth, through PENNVEST, our communities and residents will have clean and reliable drinking water for the next several generations.”

PENNVEST announced the award today, which includes $10,005,618 in grants and $4,599,382 million in loans to PWSA. In total, the state invested $116.6 million into drinking water, wastewater, and non-point source projects in nineteen counties across the state. Thanks to the work of Sen. Fontana, thousands of old lead water pipes that connect homes and businesses to water mains have been replaced in the last six years.

Sen. Fontana’s legislation, passed by the General Assembly in 2017, allows local municipal authorities to access state funding for sewer and waterline repairs. Act 44 of 2017, which included the language from his Senate Bill 656, provides communities more options and flexibility to fund these kinds of water infrastructure projects, while saving local taxpayer dollars.

PENNVEST sirve a las comunidades y a los ciudadanos de Pensilvania financiando proyectos de alcantarillado, aguas pluviales y agua potable. Estos proyectos no sólo contribuyen a mejorar el medio ambiente de Pensilvania y la salud de sus habitantes, sino que también ofrecen oportunidades de crecimiento económico y empleo a los trabajadores de Pensilvania. Más información en la página web de PENNVEST: