Legislative Voting History


Libre’s Law – Co-sponsored the extensive protection law that strengthened the penalties for animal cruelty, updated the tethering laws and put in protections for veterinarians and other professionals from lawsuits for reporting allegations of animal cruelty.

Kennel Licensure – Supported a bill in the Senate that would have required applicants applying for a kennel license to prove that family members who have had their kennel license revoked within the last 10 years would have no interaction with the animals.

Animal Fighting Offense – Voted in favor of law that made it a third-degree misdemeanor to possess any drug, device, or object used to train or engage animals in staged fights.

Cruelty to Service Dogs – Supported a bill in the Senate that would have toughened penalties against those who kill, maim or torture a guide, hearing or service dog.

Abusing Pets of Estranged Significant Others—SB594 in 2015 would have deterred animal cruelty by imposing a fine on individuals who abuse pets of estranged significant others (Passed the Senate 49-0, died in the House). 



Local Taverns and Social Organization Assistance – Authored legislation that would make several changes to the Small Games of Chance Act to end the prohibition on these entities from hosting a small number of video gaming terminals, to increase the types of small games of chance they may offer and to decrease costly licensing fees to conduct business. 

Business in Our Sites Program – Authored legislation that was enacted which recapitalized the state’s Business in Our Sites Program. This program empowers communities to attract growing and expanding businesses by helping them to make a project site shovel-ready.

Small Brewery Sales at Food Festivals and Farmers Markets – Authored legislation that was enacted to update the state Liquor Code to allow local breweries to participate in wine and food festivals and permits breweries to sell malt and brewed beverages at farmers markets. 

Research and Development Tax Credit – Authored legislation that was enacted that reauthorized that state Research and Development Tax Credit for businesses.

Manufacturing Reinvestment – Co-prime sponsor of legislation that would provide an incentive to Pennsylvania manufacturers that make large scale investments to increase or establish manufacturing capacity within the Commonwealth.

Office of Small Business Advocate – Supported increased funding to the Office of the Small Business Advocate

Start-up Assistance for Veteran-Owned Businesses – Supported measure that created a business start-up fee exemption for veteran-owned or reservist-owned small businesses. 

Angel Investment Tax Credits – Introduced legislation to provide a tax credit program for individuals who review new businesses and proposed businesses and make investments. 

Sales Tax Filing Reform – Introduced legislation that would reinstate the former semi-monthly filing schedule for the Sales and Use Tax for certain businesses that have volatile sales. 



Reporting of Child Abuse by School Employees – Authored and advanced landmark child protection law that requires all school personnel to report cases of child abuse to law enforcement and the state Department of Human Services ChildLine. Prior to enactment of this law, employees were only responsible to report suspected cases of abuse to a supervisor within the institution. 

Activities for Foster Children – Supported legislation that provides guidelines and standards for guardians of a foster child to decide if a child should participate in certain activities and events. Previously, a foster child needed pre-approval from their respective agency to participate in certain events. Permission was required for activities such as: staying over at someone’s house, playing sports, or going on a field trip. This new law will let the child’s guardian approve these types of trips, outings and activities, giving foster children more opportunities to lead a normal life.

Family Support Orders – Voted in favor of legislation that updated the state Family Support Act to bring Pennsylvania into compliance with uniform laws regarding interstate and international jurisdiction of family support orders. Also requires county agencies to contact the police and report suspicions of a child being a victim of sex trafficking.

Cyber harassment of a Child – Supported the law that was enacted which added “cyber harassment of a child” as a penalty under the Pennsylvania Crimes Code.

Statute of Limitations on Sexual Offenses and Human Trafficking – Supported legislation in the Senate that would have given victims more time to file a civil suit against a child sexual abuse perpetrator. Also voted in favor of similar legislation that would have completely removed the statute of limitations on child sex abuse cases.

Sale of E-Cigarettes to Minors – Supports legislation to prevent the sale of electronic cigarettes to minors.

Sale of Powdered Alcohol to Minors – Supported legislation in the Senate that would ban minors from using powdered alcohol.

Information Sharing Between Child Welfare Agencies – Voted in favor of a measure that enhanced information sharing between agencies involved in child welfare, child delinquency or the identification of at risk children. This law allows these agencies to enter into information sharing agreements and requires children and youth agencies, courts or juvenile probation departments to provide all records containing drug and alcohol treatment, mental health information and educational background to the county agency, court or juvenile probation department requesting the information

Stability for At-Risk Students – Supported legislation in the Senate that would have amended the Code of Judicial Procedure to ensure that a child placed in shelter care be able to remain in the same school they attended prior to placement.

Transitioning Disabled Students to the Workforce – Voted in favor of the “Work Experience for High School Students with Disabilities Act” to help disabled students transition from school into the workforce.



Funding Assistance for Private Water and Sewer Lateral Repairs – Authored and championed recently enacted legislation that allows local municipal authorities to use public funds to repair private water and sewer laterals. 

Carbon Monoxide Detector Requirements – Authored a package of bills that would require carbon monoxide detectors to be placed in buildings such as schools, child care facilities, dormitories, nursing homes, assisted living and long term care facilities and overnight lodging establishments.  

Credit Freeze Changes – Authored legislation that would bring Pennsylvania’s law to reflect the majority of states in the nation and to allow an individual to place a lifetime freeze on their credit. With the increase to this timeframe, my bill would also lower the maximum amount to be charged to $5 by each of the reporting agencies to temporary unfreeze one’s credit. This will allow individuals to sign up for a credit card or apply for a loan without having to pay hefty fees.

Licensure of Mortgage Servicers – Supported the enactment of the licensure and regulation of mortgage servicers—non-bank entities that handle daily actions between lender and consumer, such as collection and recording of payments, payment of taxes and insurance from escrow, calculating interest rates, negotiating loan modifications, and supervising foreclosures.

Prescription Waste Collection Programs – Voted in favor of the law that established prescription waste collection programs as a safe way to dispose of medications.

Refunds to Certain Natural Gas Customers – Supported enactment of legislation that allowed for customers refunds when they overpay the projected natural gas cost.

Protections for Natural Gas Leaseholders – Supported legislation in the Senate to protect natural gas leaseholders to ensure fairness in royalty payments of which they are due and to protect them from being retaliated against by drillers.

Protections for 911 Callers – Voted in favor of law that ensures protections of the identity and personal information of individuals who make 911 calls.

Protections Against Fake Medical Professionals – Voted in favor of the measure that makes it a 1st degree misdemeanor to impersonate a doctor when it comes to medical treatment or advice.



Online Posting of School Policies – Authored legislation that was enacted to require all school districts to post their school policies on the district’s public website.

Full Day Kindergarten Requirement – Authored legislation to require all school districts in the Commonwealth to provide full day kindergarten programs.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Schools – Authored legislation to require carbon monoxide detectors in all elementary and secondary schools.  

Lead Testing in Schools – Authored legislation requiring every school building to be tested for lead.

Keystone Exam Reform – Supported legislation that reduced the number of required Keystone Exam tests and provided alternative proficiency requirements for career and technical education students. 

Special Education Funding Formula – Supported enactment of a special education funding formula for school districts. 

Basic Education Funding Formula – Support legislation that would implement a fairer, more equitable funding formula for basic education funding for schools.

Charter School Reform – Support measures that will bring much-needed reform to charter school system with regard to both oversight/governance and payments by school districts.



Carbon Monoxide Detectors in Dormitories – Introduced legislation that would require carbon monoxide detectors in dorms.

Ready to Succeed Scholarship Program – Supported the establishment of the Ready to Succeed Scholarship program that helps college students pay for books, tuition, living expenses and other costs. 

Keystone Education Yields Success Program – Voted in favor of legislation to restructure the Keystone Education Yields Success Program to give more students a chance to graduate with an Associate’s Degree from a Pennsylvania community college. 



Anti-Swatting – Supported legislation in the Senate that would have required the Pennsylvania Commission on Sentencing to create a punishment for making a false report that leads to an individual being harmed or killed from responding to the fake emergency following a false report/emergency phone call to an emergency service entity.

Death Benefits for Civil Air Patrol – Voted in favor of a measure that added a $100,000 death benefit to members of the Pennsylvania Civil Air Patrol.

Extension of Death Benefits Filing – Voted in favor of the measure that extended the filing period for the death benefit from 90 days to three years, which put the state’s filing period in line with the federal Public Safety Officers’ Death and Disability Benefits Program.

First Responders Solicitation – Supported legislation that allowed first responder organizations to solicit contributions alongside roads and highways.

Tax Credits for Volunteer First Responders – Voted in favor of the law that authorized local governments to offer income and/or property tax credits for volunteer first responders.



Lead Abatement – Authored legislation to create a superfund for lead abatement in places like schools and daycares.

Lead Task Force – Authored legislation to create a task for to study lead issues. Currently serving on a statewide lead task force advisory committee.

Lead Testing in Daycares – Authored legislation that would require daycares to be tested for lead

Severance Tax on Natural Gas Drilling – Support efforts to implement a severance tax on natural gas drilling in Pennsylvania. 

Water Testing Disclosure – Authored legislation that requires the state Department of Environmental Protection to provide the water test results to homeowners for all parameters that they have accurately measured.

Climate Change – Co-prime sponsored legislation to ensure that Pennsylvania continues to fulfill its responsibility in fighting global climate change, strives to meet its commitments under the Paris climate accord and attain the goals set forth in the Clean Power Plan.

Recycling Fee Prohibition – Voted in favor of legislation in the Senate that would prohibit recycling fees from being imposed after January 1, 2020.

Stream and Waterway Pollutants – Opposed legislation that would exempt planned subsidence by bituminous coal mining operations from consideration as pollution to surface streams and waterways.

Liability for Use of Mine Water – Opposed legislation that would have allowed for liability limitations for companies that use treated coal mine water. 

Plastic Bag Ordinances – Opposed legislation that would prohibit a local municipality or county from imposing a ban, fee, surcharge or tax on recyclable plastic bags supplied by a retail establishment.



Nurse Staffing Ratios – Author of legislation that would require hospitals to post the staffing levels for RNs, LPNs, CANs in patient care areas. The bill would also require the state Department of Health to compile and publish quarterly reports of this information for each Pennsylvania hospital. 

Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Reauthorization – Supported each authorization to extend health insurance for children and has recently called on the federal government to permanently reauthorize and fund so that no disruption in payments and services occur to the states.

CARE Act – Supported the law that would allow family caregivers who are tasked with assisting loved ones at home to be provided with support on the individual’s recovery plan once they are released from the hospital.

Oral Chemotherapy Medication – Supported the new law to provide for insurance coverage for oral chemotherapy medication. The enactment of this law gave more patients access to various chemotherapy medications and required health insurance companies to offer plans that include the coverage of oral and intravenous chemotherapy medication.

Pharmacy Audits – Voted in favor of the law that established procedures for conducting audits on pharmacy benefit managers and requires them to provide a pharmacy with a written report of the audit. The law also requires Pharmacy Benefits Managers to register with the state Insurance Department and establishes minimum requirements on multiple source generic drug lists for pharmaceutical drugs.

Health Insurance Navigators – Voted in favor of the law called the “Navigator Accessibility and Regulation Act,” that requires those who help enroll citizens in Medicaid or a private insurance plan to register with the state Department of Insurance and to pass a criminal background check. This is to ensure the safety of a consumer’s private information and to be sure that the navigator is relaying correct information.

Fairness in Multiple Co-Payments – Supported legislation that was enacted to ensure that individuals do not have to pay multiple copayments for various medical services, including those provided by a physical therapist, occupational therapist and chiropractor.

Suicide Prevention – Supported the “Matt Adler Suicide Prevention Continuing Education Act,” which was designed to raise awareness for suicide prevention and require individuals licensed by the State Board of Psychology or the State Board of Social Workers, Marriage and Family Therapists and Professional Counselors to complete continuing education in the assessment, treatment and management of suicide risks.

Increased Access to Flu Shots for Children – Voted in favor of updates to the state Pharmacy Act to allow pharmacists to give flu shots to children ages 9 and older, with parental consent.

Interstate Medical Licensure Compact – Supported enactment of a law that authorized Pennsylvania to join the Interstate Medical Licensure Compact. This allows medical professionals to obtain licensure in other states more easily.

Modernization of the Professional Nursing Law – Supports legislation that updates the Professional Nursing Law to provide for the title of a certified nurse practitioners in Pennsylvania to include certified registered nurse practitioner, registered nurse practitioner, certified nurse practitioner and nurse practitioner. This legislation will allow these health care professionals to expand the scope of practice to areas of which they have been trained therefore providing more provider options, choice and accessibility to patients. 

Flu Vaccine Information – Voted in favor of requirements for the Department of Health to prepare and publicize information on the influenza vaccine for people who reside in assisted living and personal care homes.

Notification of Certain Drug Prescriptions – Supported enactment of updates to the Generic Equivalent Drug Law that now requires pharmacists to alert a patient’s doctor before a pharmacist may give biosimilar products to the patient. Prior to this measure, pharmacists were allowed to give patients lower-costing generic drugs instead of brand name products if they are biosimilar products. This measure ensures that doctors must be consulted before patients receive a biosimilar drug that might not be the best medical option for them.

Prostate Cancer – Supported the “Prostate Cancer Surveillance, Education, Detection and Treatment Act” to raise awareness about prostate cancer.

Medical Marijuana – Ardent supporter of the groundbreaking legislation that legalized medical marijuana in Pennsylvania to allow for the treatment of certain medical conditions.

Right to Try – Voted in favor of the law to permit eligible patients to request and use investigational drugs, biological products and medical devices not yet approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) if the patient has a terminal illness and passes other requirements.

Pediatric Cancer Research State Income Tax Form Check-off – Supported enactment of law to provide taxpayers the option to donate to Pediatric Cancer Research.



Lead Contamination Disclosure – Authored legislation that would require property disclosure agreements to disclose whether lead contamination has been found in the drinking water of a home.

Lead Testing in Property Sales – Authored legislation that would require any agreement of sale for real property to include an option to have the water tested for lead. 

Property Tax Rent Rebate for “Baby Boomers” – Author of legislation in the Senate that would implement a property tax rebate for the baby boomer generation. To qualify for a rebate under my bill, an individual must be a Pennsylvania resident who is 66 years and older, whose income is $50,000 and under, and who has lived in their home for 10 years or more. The program would be funded through proceeds from the Pennsylvania Lottery.

Enabling Local Option for Property Tax Elimination – Co-prime sponsored constitutional amendment that would grant any local government with local voter approval, the option to eliminate property taxes and choose from alternative taxing options to make up for the loss revenue. 

Property Disclosure Information for Buyers – Supported legislation that was enacted to require property disclosure statements inform the land buyer of the existing storm water equipment and facility conditions.  Also supported legislation in the Senate that would requires land owners to disclosure if their property is located in a flood zone or wetlands.

Property Buyer Protection – Supported enactment of law that reduced the amount of time property owners have to correct a building or structure code violation after purchase.



Funding Assistance for Private Water and Sewer Lateral Repairs – Authored and championed recently enacted legislation that allows local municipal authorities to use public funds to repair private water and sewer laterals.  Also introduced legislation that passed the Senate which would allow municipalities and municipal authorities to use state PENNVEST funding for water and sewer lateral replacements on private property. 

Parking Authority Participation in Economic Development Projects – Co-prime sponsored recently enacted legislation that allows the Pittsburgh Parking Authority to help finance, develop and participate in mixed-use projects. The measure also allows for the lease, license, or easement of land, buildings, and dedicated structures for parking to support commercial or residential uses.

Neighborhood Assistance (NAP) Tax Credit – Authored legislation to double the amount of funding for the Neighborhood Improvement Tax Credit program. The overall goal of NAP is to help improve the lives of low-income people in distressed neighborhoods through the creation of an effective partnership between community-based organization and the business and corporate community.

Intergovernmental Cooperation Authority (ICA) – Co-prime sponsored measure enacted that made changes to the ICA in terms of transparency and creates new responsibilities and accountability measures. 

Act 47 Status – Support the removal of the City of Pittsburgh from Act 47 distressed status.

Statewide 211 System – Supported legislation in the Senate that would create a statewide 211 system to provide health and human service assistance in local communities. 



Authored, co-sponsored and supported several measures aimed at addressing the opioid epidemic that has devastated so many in our communities throughout the Commonwealth. 

  • Authoring legislation in the Senate to require mandatory drug prevention education for all students in middle schools and high schools.
  • Funding of $20 million in state budget to address the addiction situation.
  • Budget funding of $7 million to provide for the life-saving drug Naloxone in the event of a narcotic overdose.
  • Outline licensure requirements of drug and alcohol recovery houses.
  • Require continuing education in pain management and opioid prescribing practices for all licensed prescribers and dispensers.
  • Limit the amount of opioids that may be prescribed for minors
  • Implement the “Safe Opioid Prescribing Curriculum” in all of Pennsylvania’s medical schools
  • Set limits on dispensing opioid drugs in hospital emergency rooms and urgent care centers. Under the “Safe Emergency Prescribing Act,” a health care practitioner may not prescribe more than seven days of opioid drug treatment to a patient seeking treatment in an emergency department or an urgent care center.
  • Limit prescriptions for controlled substances containing opioids to seven days, unless there’s some sort of emergency or the patient’s health is at risk. It would also require prescribers describe the dangers of overdose and addiction with patients before they get their prescription
  • Limit opioid prescriptions to five days while also allowing for extensions depending on the individual patient’s needs.
  • Allow a spouse, relative, or caregiver to petition a court seeking treatment for a person suffering from drug or alcohol abuse if that person also presents a danger to themselves or others and would reasonably benefit from treatment.
  • Provide protections of the identity and personal information of individuals who make 911 calls.



Annual Flu/Pneumonia Shot/Senior Clinic – Host an annual event providing free vaccinations to any senior with a Medicare Part B health insurance card; other attendees: AARP, the Office of the Consumer Advocate, and the PA APPRISE Health Insurance Counseling Program, ACCESS, etc.

Property Tax Rent Rebate for “Baby Boomers” – Author of legislation in the Senate that would implement a property tax rebate for the baby boomer generation. To qualify for a rebate under my bill, an individual must be a Pennsylvania resident who is 66 years and older, whose income is $50,000 and under, and who has lived in their home for 10 years or more. The program would be funded through proceeds from the Pennsylvania Lottery.

Long Term Care – Voted in favor of the law that established the Pennsylvania Long-Term Care Council within the Department of Aging. The council advises other agencies and make recommendations on regulations, licensure and financing relating to long-term care.

PACE/PACENET Eligibility – Consistently supports legislation that protects individuals from becoming ineligible for the PACE and PACENET programs due to Social Security cost-of-living adjustments (COLA).



Transportation Network Companies – Became the first member of the General Assembly to introduce, champion and support legislation to legalize and regulate transportation network companies (TNCs) like Uber and Lyft in Pennsylvania.

Highly Automated Vehicle Testing – Co-authored legislation with Senate colleagues from the City of Pittsburgh and Transportation Committee Chairmen to allow for the testing of autonomous vehicles on Pennsylvania’s transportation system.

Ridesharing – Supported law that removed commuter carpooling and vanpooling from being considered as public utilities and ended overly stringent regulation. By making this change, it made it easier for businesses to offer ridesharing, save money for motorists/passengers and reduce the number of vehicles on the road.

Banning Watching TV While Driving – Voted in favor of law that bans motorists from watching live television or pre-recorded videos while driving.

Ignition Interlock Systems – Supported enactment of legislation that made first-time DUI offenders eligible to immediately install ignition interlock systems in their vehicles. Individuals who have committed previous DUI violations or have refused chemical testing may also apply for an ignition interlock limited license if they have served at least half of their driver’s license suspension. First-time offenders will be eligible to apply for the limited license immediately. Adoption of this system was implemented to give consideration to both employees and their employers who may be affected by license suspension.

Transit Revitalization Investment District – Supported law that encourages the creation of transportation hubs.

Protecting Highway Workers – Voted in favor of law aimed at protecting highway workers and emergency responders in construction zones by increasing fines and penalties under the state Vehicle Code for drivers who cause bodily harm or death.

Waiving Tolls for Vehicles Accompanying Fallen Heroes – Supported legislation in the Senate that would require the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission to waive tolls for vehicles accompanying a fallen firefighter, ambulance service or rescue squad member, law enforcement officer or armed service member killed in the line of duty.

Rear-Facing Car Seats for Child Passengers – Supported enactment of law that now requires children under the age of two years old to be placed in a rear-facing car seat.

Strengthening Pennsylvania’s “Steer Clear” Law – Supported law enhancing penalties for repeat offenders of the Steer Clear Law, which requires drivers to slow down and move into a lane not adjacent to an emergency response area.



Teamed up with Senate Veteran’s Affairs Chairmen and area professional sports teams on the “One Empty Seat” campaign where open seats were designated at stadiums to honor and remember POW/MIA service men and women.  

Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program Veteran’s Disability Income – Co-sponsored law that eliminated a veteran’s disability income from being considered as income when determining their eligibility for the state’s Property Tax/Rent Rebate Program.

Civil Service Preference for Veterans – Supported measure that provided for a veterans’ preference on civil service exams.

Stolen Valor – Co-sponsored and voted in favor of Stolen Valor Act that created a new offense under the state Crimes Code when a person makes a misrepresentation of military service or honors with intent to obtain money, property or other benefit or fraudulently holds themselves out to be a member or veteran of the armed forces, or the recipient of any military decoration or medal. Another stolen valor measure I supported was the enactment of legislation that penalizes any individual who falsely claims to be a veteran on their Pennsylvania driver’s license application.

Expedited Teaching Certificates for Military – Voted in favor of the act that expedited teaching certificates and reduced fees for active and former military members and their spouses. 

“Honoring our Veterans” Motorcycle License Plates – Supported the establishment of a special veterans’ license plate for motorcycles.

Veterans Transition – Supported enactment of measure to assist veterans transition from their military life to a civilian career.

Persian Gulf War Bonus Program – Voted in favor of measure that extended the Persian Gulf Veterans’ Bonus Program.

Veteran-Owned Business Fee Exemption –Supported the establishment of a state business start-up fee exemption for veteran-owned or reservist-owned small businesses. This law also provided for voluntary veterans’ preference in private employment and enables private employers to adopt and apply a veterans’ preference employment policy.

Korean War Veterans Representation – Voted in favor of law that added the Korean War Veterans Association, Inc. as a representative to the State Veterans Commission.

Veterans Trust Fund – Co-sponsored legislation that established the Veterans Trust Fund to provide grants for veterans’ assistance programs across Pennsylvania. The revenue is used to help veterans and their families, provide for shelter and other living necessities and to build and maintain honorary monuments.

Veteran’s Registry – Voted in favor of recently enacted law that require the state Department of Military Veterans Affairs to establish a veterans’ registry for outreach purposes.  



Abortion Restrictions – Fought against attempts that would have imposed the most restrictive limitations on a woman’s right to make medical decisions in the entire country and would have criminalized health care providers in certain instances from performing services that are currently deemed medically necessary.

Domestic Violence Protections – Supported updates to the state Domestic Relations Law to simplify divorce procedures for spousal abuse victims. It enables abuse victims to divorce their spouse without needing the spouse’s consent. This legislation also added provisions to empower abused spouses to refuse marital counseling with their spouse during divorce procedures, if they have a protection from abuse order filed against them

Sexual Assault Evidence (Rape Kit Testing) – Supported legislation that requires the state Department of Health to identify approved labs for evidence testing and establish guidelines for laboratories’ evidence processing. The bill establishes more rights for the victims by making all analyses of their case evidence available to them. The bill also establishes a time limit for conducting and processing rape case testing.

Rape Survivor Child Custody – Helped advance updates to the state Domestic Relations Code to provide custody rights in the event of a child being conceived because of certain sexual offenses. This legislation deprives offenders from interacting with the child conceived by any of the listed sexual offenses (rape, sexual assault, statutory sexual assault, institutional sexual assault, and incest) by ending their parental rights.

Protection From Abuse Orders – Co-sponsors legislation that would require defendants in final PFA cases surrender their firearms. Moreover, persons ordered to relinquish their firearms, weapons, or ammunition would no longer be allowed to give them to a third-party for safe-keeping—guns would only be able to be relinquished to the County Sheriff or other law enforcement agency or to a Federal Firearms Licensed dealer.

The Midwife Center for Birth and Women’s Health – Secured $1 million in state Redevelopment Assistance funding for an expansion of the center. The expansion more than doubled the size of the facility and added 2 new birth suites, several exam rooms, and additional office/storage space.



Minimum Wage – Co-sponsor and support legislation providing for an increase in the state minimum wage.

Nurse Staffing Ratios – Author of legislation that would require hospitals to post the staffing levels for RNs, LPNs, CANs in patient care areas. The bill would also require the state Department of Health to compile and publish quarterly reports of this information for each Pennsylvania hospital. 

Unemployment Compensation Servicing – Supported enacted legislation that provided increased funding to the Service and Infrastructure Improvement Fund to allow for improved service to Unemployment Compensation recipients.

Unemployment Compensation for Seasonal Workers – Voted in favor of a measure that was enacted that would allow for more seasonal workers to become eligible for unemployment benefits.

Pay Equity – Co-sponsor legislation that would provide for equal pay for equal work for women. Also opposed and voted against a measure in the Senate that would allow employers to pay employees with the same job functions differently based on the level or amount of education, training or experience they have. 

Teacher Furloughs – Opposed and fought against arbitrary changes to the way a school district would be allowed to furlough employees.