BROOKLINE, March 20, 2013 – State Sen. Wayne D. Fontana (D-Allegheny) today provided the following statement following city of Pittsburgh Mayor Luke Ravenstahl’s announcement concerning UPMC’s non-profit status:

“I commend Mayor Ravenstahl and the city of Pittsburgh for challenging UPMC’s non-profit status and for bringing this issue before the Court to determine whether UPMC truly deserves its current non-profit status. UPMC should welcome the opportunity to provide transparency and prove to the public that they are truly non-profit, once and for all.

“It is time to address whether all large non-profits are paying their fair share. I have written legislation, Senate Bill 143, which would amend the Purely Public Charity Act to require all large non-profits to pay real estate taxes based on the value of their land. This would ensure that all large non-profits are paying their fair share of property taxes and reduce the burden currently being placed on individual taxpayers throughout Allegheny County.”

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