HARRISBURG, APRIL 12, 2010 – State Senator Wayne D. Fontana today recognized the importance of libraries on the Senate floor designating April 11th -17th, 2010 as National Library Week in Pennsylvania.

First sponsored in 1958, the observance of “National Library Week” is celebrated by libraries across the country each April. This year’s theme “Communities thrive @ your library,” celebrates the contributions of libraries, librarians and library workers throughout the United States.

“Libraries help transform communities by playing a vital role in supporting the quality of life,” Fontana said. “They provide valuable resources, programs and classes for people of all ages regardless of race or income. They are a place where the unemployed can research jobs, children can read and learn and where families gather for events and activities.”

In addition, free access to computers and the internet at libraries has developed into an important and sometimes necessary service. Today, visitors use the internet to access financial aid, contact family and friends worldwide and fill out job applications.

“As someone who has been an advocate for public libraries and public library funding, I understand how important it is for people to continue to have access their neighborhood library and the resources they provide.”